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1514 2008-03-13 13:50:55 Robert Cerreto K and Q Values for filters
Hi folks,

Does anyone know where I can k and q values for designing cyrstal filters? I do not have Zverev's book and from what I could find in the used books, $100 is beyond my budget. I would love to have a copy, but, I just cannot afford it.

I generally use the XLAD program in the LADPAC suite as a tool to save me some valuable hobby time. XLAD will only calculated k and q values for Butterworth or Chebe respones. But, it will accept entered values of k and q.

73 es TNKS, Bob WA!FXT

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1515 2008-03-13 16:04:40 Allison Parent Re: K and Q Values for filters
1516 2008-03-13 19:52:21 john lawson Re: K and Q Values for filters
Bob, as a possibility, check your local library. I
found that in our library here you have the ability to
do a interlibrary loan. They will do a search
throughout the U.S. and if the book is available, they
will get it for you. In my case I had it for a week
before I had to return it. It was for free and I could
get what I wanted from the book. John, K5IRK