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15064 2018-09-08 23:27:12 Dana Myers 3x CA3019 diode arrays available
I just noticed I have 3 of these diode arrays (apparently one
quad ring and 2 independent diodes), in a 10-pin TO-5 can. I
think I got these as part of a grab-bag lot ~40 years ago and
don't remember ever applying voltage to any of them. The leads
are still circular, which suggests they've never been shoehorned
into a Proto-Board, and they're stuck in some black foam.

They are marked CA3019, RCA, with an apparent date-code of 246.



Anyone want them? Prefer they go switch some electrons,
they can collect dust at my house just fine.

Dana  K6JQ
15065 2018-09-10 01:59:31 John Lawson Re: 3x CA3019 diode arrays available
Hi Dana, if they are still available, I'd like to have them. Contact me off line for my mailing address, thanks John Lawson K5IRK

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