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14827 2018-05-21 11:57:13 w7zoi HyCas IF Amplifier Kit

Hi all,

Mike Hadley, G4JXX, has decided to distribute a kit of parts for the Hybrid Cascode IF amplifier that Jeff (WA7MLH) and I described in QST for December, 2007.  Mike sent me a couple of the boards including detailed road maps and they look great.   The boards, which are for leaded parts, are 2.6 x 4 inches, double sided with solder mask and silk screen and through-hole plating.   Mike did his own layout, although it is much like the original one that Jeff and I did.   I have not built one.   Mike included detailed documentation for his kit, including parts layout diagrams.   At this time, Mike is only doing kits for the complete amplifier rather than raw boards.  If any of you are interested in this kit, you can write to Mike at mhadley157@gmail.com.    

I also want to comment in support of the recent postings from Allison and Rick.   The current "maker" movement supports printed circuit boards for anything that we might build.    While printed boards are sometimes handy, they can get in the way of experimenting and learning.    Building one's own breadboarded circuit provides a more intimate connection to the technology than the experience of merely stuffing a board.    As Rick emphasized the other day, there is rarely any difference in performance between a clean breadboard and that with a printed board.  When there is a performance difference, the breadboard usually wins.

73, Wes