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1473 2008-02-27 06:28:00 Kenneth Stringham WAV file signal generator software
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please forgive me for the wide distribution of this
email. What I am attempting to do is locate some
freeware, shareware, or even commerical software that
would permit me to generate some specific audio
signals that I need for a project. A simple example of
the type of signal I need is a pulse train of 3 1KHz
signals with a dead time between so that the tone
groups are repeated for a specified spacing:


Any suggestions concerning where I can locate this
type of software would be appreciated.

Ken Stringham

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1490 2008-03-01 22:25:09 kerrypwr Re: WAV file signal generator software
I use Audacity to make MP3s and other tasks; it's free!


I just experimented with it to see if it would meet your needs; I was
able to generate a 1 kHz tone and then insert silences at intervals to
create a pulsed tone.

Try it.