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1467 2008-02-23 13:03:31 Roger Hayward Posting etiquette

When posting messages to the group, ask yourself the question whether
everyone needs to see the message, or if it is directed at only one or
two people. If it is directed to only one or two people, please use
email to correspond directly.

As you can tell, we don't really have any policy as to whether this
group can be used for the sale of radio parts. My personal feeling is
that if a posting (or two) is made to indicate that you are selling
parts or a project kit, that's probably OK. But transactions don't
need to be handled via the group site. This concept is analogous to
the "swap shop" nets you hear on 75m (and 2m), where the items are
listed, and the bartering is taken off the air.

We have over 800 members on this distribution list.

Thanks much & happy experimenting.

Roger KA7EXM