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14179 2017-07-31 22:39:39 mosaicmerc Converting a 500W Tesla pulser into CW
Hi everyone:
I've shifted my focus from WiFi frequencies to an  HF project and I need your input!

I need to generate 400W+ HF (2-30Mhz CW) . Any fixed freq. in there will do, AM or SSB will be extra.
The purpose is to develop a next gen electronic modification for the Bird 43 watt meter to give it a new lease on life. Vintage gear is a fave of mine.
I can do pulsed/keyed modulation to investigate PeP.

 I need some decent CW power for testing. I have a 40W Ebay kit on order, but that's backup as I am a learn by doing type of person.
I have a lot of experience at VLF FET hi wattage pulse & PCB design and SOA for the transistors, as well as custom snubbing for absorbing back EMF/reflected power to prevent FET avalanche.

Anyhow, please  have a look at this 4Mhz Tesla coil driver. High efficiency, I was wondering if a LPF or proper output inductive resonator could clean up the output for my uses. It's NOT for Tx, I will dump the RF into a diy 50Ω load for precision O'scope  avg & PeP RF measurement.