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14048 2017-06-19 14:31:00 RodWall1234@Gmail... Re: [emrfd] PCB conversion?
Hi Bill,

In your last email. Do you mean Kicad a open free PCB program?

If not then I would say to learn to use Kicad. Yes it is complex but then it does almost everything that other software does that cost lot of $$$$$. 

Some companies use Kicad to produce complex products.

Whenever I had problems in trying to do something in Kicad. I found that a video on YouTube was a help. There are heaps of Kicad videos
14049 2017-06-19 15:26:38 Bill Carver Re: PCB conversion?
Yes, Roderick....mis spelled the PCB program name. I've downloaded it and will get to firing it up.
I've been through the tapes and donuts, too, contact printing sensitized boards, etc. I was just a boy, that was so long ago.
I have been making 1-sided boards with laser toner for more than a decade until the laser printer died. This antenna filter board is too large for my iron anyway!
I need to get the iron-on-toner working again, too often need a little simple board....almost just a terminal strip. But for this large board it's time to try a more professional approach.
73 - Bill

14050 2017-06-19 18:13:53 RodWall1234@Gmail... Re: [emrfd] PCB conversion?
Good luck Bill. Don't forget to use YouTube when you go to do something new. Or have problems. That is where I learned KiCad.

Have fun,

Roderick Wall, vk3yc.

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