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14011 2017-06-13 13:30:03 John Levreault My apologies...
... for getting lost in the weeds.


14017 2017-06-14 00:43:35 Ashhar Farhan Re: My apologies...

thanks to you i have read up on the tape recording challenges. i have a nice cassette mechanism waiting for being built into a tape player. i still have a few hundred cassettes in a few bags. An old valve radio that i use as my music amp will servce at the power brick.

in india, as records were expensive imports, we developed a music culture around the cassettes. until the cassettes arrived, we usually heard music on the radio (voice of america, etc.). with cassettes, we managed to bootleg, copy and distribute music to each other. internet changed all that. 

I must confess that I havent used SDR much except as a casual listener. I have build one phasing rig. a data point of one against, a zero data point is not much of a comparision (*grin*).i am, very leisurely though, building a 'reboot' of the DSP-10 transceiver. Si570 simplifies it greatly, a few more changes in the front-end, bob larkin has agreed to help out where needed.  more on this as i progress with it.

73, and thanks again for the enlightening exchange. but nobody gets to say roger waters' sucks at the bass, except me.

- f (the city's worst bassist, but at least i have a bass)