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13943 2017-05-30 21:36:31 John Stevens Test Equipment and Station Gear from the Estate of Jerry, W5JH
The following is a partial listing of what is available from the estate of Jerry, W5JH.  All equipment is represented correctly to the best of my knowledge. All equipment is in very good condition and was in frequent use in a Non-smoking environment. It was well maintained and not abused. More items will be released in separate lists as I am able to go through them. Waiting in the wings are an ICOM-R70 receiver and refurbished SB-200.

Please reply directly off list and reference W5JH in the subject line to minimize the chance of your reply being overlooked. All manuals and accessories that are associated with each item will be included if I am able to locate and identify them all. Chances are good since the area is not excessively large nor cluttered.

Original boxes will be used if available. Prices are less shipping. Pictures of most gear can be seen at <https://www.qrz.com/db/w5jh>. I have additional photos upon request.

If you are interested in building a fully equipped test bench, this list is for you... It's ALL here. Jerry was very particular about the test equipment on his bench. The HP8640B Signal Generator and Fluke Digital Multimeter in the photos are already spoken for.

Wavetek Model 164 30 MHz Sweep/Function Generator. Commercial laboratory quality. Extremely versatile.    $275

Tektronix 2213 Dual Channel 60 MHz Oscilloscope $!00.

OWON DS7102V dual channel Storage Oscilloscope. Color display. Records data from each channel   Like New  $350

Rigol Spectrum Analyzer DSA815-TG (9kHz - 1.5GHz) with Tracking Generator    Like New   $1100

Kenwood TS-590s Transceiver.  LIke New $825

Dentron Clipperton-L Amplifier.  Very clean with tubes. $600

MFJ-962 Versa Tuner III 1.5 KW Tuner    $150

LP-100A Digital Vector RF Wattmeter w/optional dual coupler. Like New $425
More info at <http://www.telepostinc.com/ lp100.html#P>

AADE DFD4 Frequency Counter  $35

AADE LC Meter  $85

LDG Z100 Auto Tuner  $90

So here we go...

73 John  K5JS