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13786 2017-04-09 20:53:28 AncelB Re: OT: Lead Acid battery regen anecdote - ACdelco
The 10" cube system is a custom built system that is 10" x 10" x 10"
that regenerates Auto/marine 6 & 12V batts and simultaneously re-rates
them and suggests final application, viz. Petrol, Gasoline, or UPS.
It communicates with your smart device (PC/phone/pad/phablet) for remote
data logging and monitoring with shutdown authority. It can sequence two
defunct batteries for regen. and simultaneously maintain two more.

It can do a group 24 batt taken from a recycler's scrap heap in about a
day. It will quickly analyze and categorize battery failure modes and
reject those unsuited for regen. automatically.
I just completed a MT-24 Interstate (rescued from the scrap heap) since
my last AC-Delco post. OEM rating 600CCA and 65Ah. Regen ratings 558CCA
and 40Ah. 20 hours automated processing.

Desulfation is just one of several processes that must be executed to
optimize regeneration, it is only 1/3 the recipe. No chemicals used.
Twin processor system.
It took me 4 years and hundreds of batteries processed and data logged
to empirically develop the process. It has received 3 innovation awards
to date.

A fellow HAM on the group has encouraged me to do a spin off kit for
individual use as this system targets recyclers and high volume when scaled.
A 20' x 8 ' container with a 4.5' forklift centre aisle and 60 systems
racked and stacked can process > 2000 defunct batteries per month with
25% to 30% yield of batteries returning to OEM service. All proven already.
It is not for retail sale. It is a B2B play.

I am negotiating Angel Investor funding /investment to scale up now.