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13336 2016-12-05 16:52:53 David J Nushardt My progress on Spectrum Analyzer
Hello All;
Untill today it's been quite a while since my last post, Despite my Leukemia and strokes I been making good progress on the SA, I have most of the boards built,other than the updated log amp.

While I have yet to test and tweek , mount the boards in the boxes I have all the feed-thru's , sma connectors ,ect.

I have yet to build both filters ,but do have all the necessary parts to build a variety of sweepers including the Bob Kopski version, that I plan to build after I finish the SA.

Lately I been working on the W7ZOI /K7TAU Rf Power meter, just need to rig up a battery holder.
Also the Bob Kopski Calibrator , and wrap up the calibration on the Midnight solutions SNA.

By the way although the SNA's Signal won't go high enough to align the filters , the ports on the SNA are independent so one could substute any appropriate signal generator and use the power meter good to 500 mhz, Identical to the W7ZOI/ K7TAU other than the surface mount version of the AD 8307 chip. The SNA'S TFT Display should work, but the graphing will probably need to be updated to reflect the higher frequencies, for those with out a O'Scope.

The minicircuits VCO of the SA itself driven by the SA's ramp generator could be used ,also the cheapest way, without buying extra parts!

There are 3of us building the SA, I have been in touch with Adrian and we are sharing experience and information, I have yet to hear from the third person but would be happy to share with him as well, I have quite a few photos to share with anyone interested. 73

Thanks for the help and support!
Warm regards