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13130 2016-09-04 16:40:02 David J Nushardt Solid state design
I wonder if Wes and Doug the book is co authored would release the copyrights , then we would be free to copy and make pdf files, just asTektronix did with there service manuals.

Then they could be puplic domain,if I'm not mistaken.

What about Solid state basics, and the ARRL data books, IRFD is a book dealing with the math behind the radio design , the real engineering. I have them all. Sure goes back through the decades.

I for one wouldlike to throw down a challenge of who will be the one to continue the traditions Wes and others set down for us.

I would love to see a book similar to EMRFD that deals with VHF and UHF. 220 is an awesome band but seldom used we better use it before it's taken away!

13131 2016-09-04 16:53:16 Cecil Bayona Re: Solid state design
13132 2016-09-04 21:52:06 David J Nushardt Re: Solid state design

Yeah, Sure enough, my copy says copyright 1977by ARRL , It would be very short sighted of the ARRL to let these volumes die, it would serve no one.

I can't imagine they would do that.

Regards Dave

13134 2016-09-05 01:28:19 i7swx Re: Solid state design
Hi All,

certainly ARRL has the copyright on all publications. I hope their decision can be changed and the book will be sellable again.

I hope no one at ARRL will let EMRFD die, please excuse my example but I would like to underline what bad return could be for ARRL ... for me it would be like a husband that chop his capacitors for not let the xyl have pleasure .... ARRL may have loss of membership

I believe members should overload ARRL with messages addressing the matter of not killing the most important book publications they have been lucky to have.

Also non members could help with messages

There is a company that is selling books and reprinting them at a good price on internet



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13135 2016-09-05 08:12:40 Don Wines Re: Solid state design, etc
I'm sure the decision to stop the publication of EMRFD was a business
decision, not an emotional one. If EMRFD was still selling a lot of
copies then the publication would still be continued. But as we all are
aware the large majority of new hams aren't into the technical side of
the hobby but are mainly interested in just operating, mainly on VHF and
repeaters. So, as a percentage of ARRL's stable of books, EMRFD was
probably small potatoes and getting smaller.

Hopefully, sometime in the future, ARRL will see the value in committing
a small investment to putting the book on CD in pdf form (as they do the
Handbook) and selling just the CD version. Small investment, large return.

I have two copies of SSD, one of each printing, and one copy of EMRFD
which I will hang on to until my expiration date at which time they will
probably be thrown out with most of my other ham gear!

Happy Labor Day everyone!!

Don, K5DW
13137 2016-09-06 02:09:36 Adrian Scripcă Re: Solid state design, etc
I own the book and owe very much to all authors; it is a fountain of knowledge. It's a sad day to know the book is not going to be published anymore especially since mine is pretty worn out and starting to fall appart.

While on the subject, I dreamed of having the authors or ARRL (whoever holds the copyright) open source the book somewhere on github and having hams contribute to this already well established experimenter's bible. That would be wonderful.

Imagine an online edition, up-to-date, exportable into all e-book formats, constantly growing and getting revised. A lot of "big things" have gone open-source lately so it would make it a trendy move as well.

Adrian, yo6ssw

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