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131 2006-09-09 16:36:11 Jason Milldrum QRPedia
Hi Everyone,

I know we've got a lot of great homebrewer/experimenter minds on this
list, so I wanted to take a few moments to make a plea to the group.
About a year ago, I started QRPedia, a wiki devoted to QRP and
homebrewing. I suspect most of you know what a wiki is, so I won't bore
you with an explanation. If you don't know, check out
http://en.wikipedia.org for the most famous example.

I envision the site a place where one can go to get great information
about QRP, electronics, and homebrewing. The site got off to a good
start, but the growth slowed a bit because I could not devote the time
the site deserved. Now that I'm settled in to my new job and home, I can
finally get back to more serious work with it. This is where you come
in. The site has almost 100 articles, but there are still many gaps in
the content. The great thing about wiki is that anyone can contribute.
Please take a look at the site, and if you like the idea of building a
lasting QRP/homebrewer resource, then try your hand at contributing
content. Don't feel that you have to be an expert about a subject to
write an article. Another great thing about wiki is the way that others
can refine an article by adding and editing content. A good example is
this article on the Elecraft K2:

I truly believe that this can be a very impressive resource for the
community once it is mature. The site already has a good start, and
could really use the contribution of the bright minds here. To get
started, please go to:

If you have any questions, please feel free to write me.
Thanks for the bandwidth and have a great weekend!

Jason Milldrum, NT7S
Station NT7S http://www.recursiv.com/
QRPedia http://www.qrpedia.com/
132 2006-09-09 17:05:02 Steven S. Coles Re: QRPedia

I'm always putting my foot in it so why not once more: Guess what
Terry, WX7S, was doing today. See


Hi! Hi!

Steven, KD7YTE

133 2006-09-09 17:42:53 Jason Milldrum Re: QRPedia

I don't think you are putting your foot in your mouth. I'm on the pQRP
mailing list and saw Terry's posts. QRPedia has been around for almost a
year, and is meant as a general purpose wiki for QRP and homebrew. Its
my understanding that the WX7S wiki is geared towards the pQRP club. I
wish Terry well with the project and hope it takes off. I wouldn't mind
getting a little of the NB6M braintrust on QRPedia myself, but I don't
want to step on anyone's toes. :)

Right after I registered the domain name, both Hampedia and HamWiki came
online as well. I have been planning on ramping up QRPedia again for the
last few weeks, and I guess it was coincidence that Terry decided to
start his wiki at the same time. It just goes to show that there are no
original ideas anymore, LOL.

Jason Milldrum, NT7S
134 2006-09-09 18:02:58 Steven S. Coles Re: QRPedia

Glad it's not a duplication.

Wishing you success