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12808 2016-05-10 13:56:21 Lasse Moell Cypress to improve on Si570
Sorry if this is old news but just stumbled on this:
It offers 10 dB better phase noise at 1kHz offset at 130 MHz, and a lot less jitter.
Frequency range 15 to 2000+ MHz, and takes less power than the Si570!
I have to look closer at this and see if I can get a few samples to play with!
Maybe someone here on the group have been testing this chip already?

Lasse SM5GLC
12810 2016-05-10 15:32:07 Cecil Bayona Re: Cypress to improve on Si570
Looks like the Cypress part can only tune 500ppm before having to reset the PLL instead of 3500ppm on the SI570, that is an important difference when tuning around the band. Still competition between Cypress and Silicon labs may cause lower prices.

12815 2016-05-11 12:28:11 Ashhar Farhan Re: Cypress to improve on Si570
it looks easy to solder too. same footprint as the Si570. i wonder what the price point is? it goes up to a whopping 2 GHz!

- f