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1271 2007-12-27 11:05:41 Chuck Adams Phase Noise Measurements
I have a copy of 'Test & Measurement Handbook' --- A Collection from RFdesign
and Google attributes editor as being Gary A. Breed, but no name appears in
the printing for editor. Publisher is Cardiff Publishing Company, 6300 S.
Syracuse Way, Suite 650, Englewood, CO 80111 and the publication date is

There are 20 articles in the publication and I won't bother to type in
all the titles. Here are the articles relating to phase noise:

Introduction to Phase Noise by Constantine Fantanas (August 1992)

Cross-Correlation Phase Noise Measurements by Warren F. Walls (March 1993)

Phase Noise Calibrator by Guy Love and Kevin Lindell (August 1987)

so if you happen to have back issues of RFdesign you can find these items.

For hard to find items, such as the above, the first thing I do is go into
the local libraries and using the ISBN number ask for an interlibrary loan.
Using this procedure I have even gotten books on loan from the Library
of Congress, which was a complete surprise to me. I'd think that would
be the last place on the planet you could get a book out the door......



Chuck Adams, K7QO

Moving to Arizona? Bring your own water, please.
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