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1254 2007-12-24 09:59:16 john lawson S Meter for the Hybird Cascode IF Amp
For those who might be interested, I hope this is of
I have built the revised S meter circuit that Wes has
posted on his web site for the Hybird Cascode IF Amp.
I found the S meter to be very responsive to the AGC
line voltage changes as compared to the voltage
readings monitored with a DVM on the AGC line
beginning at the threshold level. I first tried a
Radio Shack 1 Ma. meter, then I changed the 5.1K
resistor to a 100K resistor and inserted a 50 Microamp
meter in place of the 1 Ma meter. The results were
almost identical. The LM324 was purchased at Radio
Shack. Finally, I am using my Hybird Cascode IF Amp
and S Meter boards with a 20 meter version of the
Progressive Receiver. The results have been very
gratifying. Happy Holidays to all, John K5IRK

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