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119 2006-09-02 00:23:40 Stan Building a flock of antique sand state qrp units
I obtained four PCB from Far Circuits of the Little Joe (universal
transmitter from QST 81). Actually only needed to make a few mods
to the design to update it to modern requirements. Changing the
LPF from 3 elements to 7 elements and might change the output
transistor to a CB type.

So the changes to the PCB are just a few more drilled holes and a
cut of the trace in two places. If I am careful it will look like
it was made that away.

You can find the information on the Little Joe in the ARRL red QRP
Classics QRP book. Quite a test of time for a circuit to still be
suitable for use with only the LPF updated in 25 years.

So in a couple of days will have a 3582 and 3686 along with a 7030
and 7040 taking over the bench for fun and games this winter.

I will post some pics next week.

Oh why did I pick the Little Joe? Well a PCB was available cheap,
circuit requires few parts and it can be put on any of the HF
bands. And it easily runs 1 to 2 watts output. Easy weekend project

CU on 80 CW this fall.

Cheers, Stan ak0b