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11624 2015-09-10 20:02:39 Ashhar Farhan AD8310 vs AD8307
has anyone done a comparision of the AD8307 (used in the W7ZOI power meter) vs the newer AD8310? is it a subsititute? the specs appear to be the same.

caveat emptor: some of the online shops that advertise the AD8307 refer to another device by the same designation that is a power regulator. be careful. 

Here is one that is NOT the log amp :

Here is the one that is :

.the log amp chip has the analog devices logo on it. i am not trying to trash the chinese vendors. but that there are chips with overlapping designations. aliexpress is listing both.

- f
11625 2015-09-10 20:15:24 Bill Carver Re: AD8310 vs AD8307
AD8310 and AD8307 are different: AD8307 has a CURRENT output. AD8310 has an internal op amp and generates an output VOLTAGE. They've both been around for about the same time.

11627 2015-09-11 00:07:40 mvs_sarma@ymail.c... Re: AD8310 vs AD8307
 AD8307AR and ARZ , as per datasheet similar but Z suffix is lead free counter part.
 if some vender is screen printing tda2822 as AD8307AR,  it is our bad luck
 I remember the days where TBA810 were reprinted as TV vertical processing chips (***1044) and they used to cheat.
11628 2015-09-11 00:08:22 mvs_sarma@ymail.c... Re: AD8310 vs AD8307
AD8310 is different pin out and operating frequency range is down at440 or 450MHz

Regards AD8307AR and AD8307ARZ ,  IMHO and as per they are same except that Z version is lead free.
 of course some one can sell any soic -8 changing legend as AD8307AR, like in former dacades  ABA810 was being marked as TDA1044 and sold at funny prices.
11629 2015-09-11 09:12:14 Bill Carver Re: AD8310 vs AD8307
China is screwing itself by not policing counterfeiters.

11631 2015-09-11 15:37:03 iam74@rocketmail.... Re: AD8310 vs AD8307
From what I have seen these genuine AD devices are about the same except for the frequency range and the price. I think I will pick up a few to experiment with. It is easy enough to translate current to voltage with resistance if it comes to that. They have to be calibrated anyway. Hi.

11632 2015-09-12 08:42:01 markwdunning Re: AD8310 vs AD8307

I must confess I started to worry when I saw Farhan's post as I had purchased 10 AD3807AR SMD devices from China recently which have exactly the same type of markings (no AD logo) as the site he reported as not being log amps.

I quickly made up a rough copy of the standard power detector circuit using a scrap piece of circuit board and my Dremel tool and inserted one of my new AD8307AR devices to see if I had fallen prey to counterfeit suppliers. I am happy to report that all seems to work as expected. I have not gone so far as to measure the range or linearity of the response (if I can use that expression for a log detection device), but it seems to respond to RF as I would expect.

I must also add my devices came from a different Chinese supplier in a smaller quantity but at about the same price per device.

Maybe these are clone chips, after all if the stories about clone DDS chips from China are true they probably needed clone log detectors as well.

73 Mark VK6WV