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11390 2015-08-02 20:50:06 bob_ledoux Electrolytics as Ugly Standoffs
I'm building the audio amp in EMRFD Figure 9.74. 

It has several large caps,  I was thinking of gluing the large electrolytic cap tops to the copper surface, a la Manhattan.  This allows me to treat them as insulated standoffs.

Continuity tests show most of the caps have the case isolated from the leads

I'm also gluing through hole plastic case transistors to the board in the same manner.  The board becomes a heat sink.

I used "dead bug" before for IC's but I haven't seen the two ideas above in print.



11391 2015-08-03 11:56:09 kb1gmx Re: Electrolytics as Ugly Standoffs
I have seen that in print.

However, its a good way to go.  I've been building ugly that way for 4 decades with 
transistors, ICs, MMICs and the occasional tube like 1AD4 amd 5899 (has wire leads).

It works.  I've found it often works better than other methods with short connections and solid ground.