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11354 2015-07-24 11:17:11 peter_dl8ov Quadrature Signal Splitters
I want to make a signal splitter for use in a T2 but I am getting some crazy results. Please could somebody confirm my figures?

Frequency 45 MHz Impedance 50 ohms

C value 35pF (100 ohms reactance)
L value (each winding) 177nH (50 ohms reactance)

I've built something using the above figures and what I get is a 45 MHz bandpass filter with three output ports, all about the same phase. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Peter DL8OV

11355 2015-07-24 11:37:51 in3otd Re: Quadrature Signal Splitters
Hello Peter,
the value seem right, a quick simulation confirmed this.
Are you sure the inductors are well coupled; if they are not you might get a bandpass response (sort of) but on the port that is normally isolated...

73 de Claudio, IN3OTD