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1135 2007-11-02 21:13:41 Roger Hayward Urgent: Yahoo Group Category Issues with EMRFD

It has been brought to our attention that the EMRFD group has been
re-categorized recently. Not-only was I unaware of this change, the
group management transcripts show no signs of tampering over the past
couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, the "group category" does not appear to be a category
which I am able to change without assistance from a human at yahoo.

Another unfortunate circumstance is that banner ads reflecting the new
category may appear within the browser window.

And yes, I am aware that this may prevent your own ISP from accepting
messages due to possible message tagging (due to the inadvertant

We have contacted Yahoo to alert them of the problem. Hopefully they
will have, at the very-least, a response regarding the situation soon.

If yahoo cannot provide assistance to resolve this in somewhat of a
timely manner, we may be forced to delete the group and start over via
some other service. If this occurs, please consult w7zoi dot net or
ka7exm dot net for announcements on the change.

The concept behind starting this group forum was to encourage others
to work together with their construction techniques. The three
authors of this book are all interested in mentoring and equipping
other's, such that everyone can share their skills as well. It is
extremely unfortunate that we might be faced with the need to stop the
flow of free information, all for the sake of another spam issue.

Again, my apologies of the situation.

Roger Hayward KA7EXM
EMRFD group moderator