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11139 2015-06-06 21:13:48 Ashhar Farhan s-match atu
does anyone have an experience with the s-match atu?

i have long given up coax (literally, friends have taken it away). i have one piece that i use with my 20 meter yagi. but the z-match on my micro-doublet (51 feet wide) is less than optimal. i was thinking of the s-match.

any pointers to how this can be tested on the bench? i can throw this together in an hour. what next? all my instrumentation is for unbalanced 50 ohms working.

- f
11141 2015-06-07 07:56:15 roelofndb Re: s-match atu
Hello Farhan,

I have never used one, but it is quite popular in the Netherlands.
There is even a commercial version available (PA0LL).

Have you visited PA0FRI's website?
You can find it here:


There is a lot of information on ATU's.

Roelof Bakker, pa0rdt