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11032 2015-04-30 12:15:21 Bill Kelsey - N8E... Dayton Booksale
I will be doing my usual "Dayton Special" again this year. Order any
ARRL book by Thursday May 7, and I will take care of shipping and the
tax, and will knock 10% off the retail price of the book -- and -- I
will deliver it at FDIM!

To help out those that are not going to make FDIM, I will cover the tax
and shipping plus take off 10% on your order over $50.

For DX Orders, shipping will be at cost, and I will take 10% of the
cover price of the book.

So -- take a look at what ARRL has available on their web page, and get
your orders in (e-mail, US mail, telephone, whatever). I can take
VISA/MC/PayPal/cash, and will accept payment at FDIM for the orders I
deliver there.

73 - Bill - N8ET

73 - Bill - N8ET