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10433 2014-11-09 17:08:25 Mark Meyer Re: Digest Number 2232
After reading your comments about SWR protection for the RD16HHF devices and doing some experiments, I've decided zener protection is not worth it.  When I did added the zeners, their capacitance required me to reduce the value of the normal capacitor across the output balun transformer which was easy to accomplish.  I also noticed that the zeners ran very warm even though their voltage level should have been way above the rf voltage I was generating.

Anyway, since I am only building a 5W QRP push-pull amp I don't think I can destroy the RD16HHFs no matter what I hook up to the output.

Thanks for your help pushing me down the road.  I have already made a lot of QSOs with the amp sitting on the bench.

Mark     WU0L