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1030 2007-09-17 10:15:12 buddybell1143 Pixe assembly problem
I ordered a Pixie kit and have all but two parts installed. If the
trouble I had with the company I ordered from is an indication they
sent the wrong part or their instructions are wrong. They have two
coils labled L1 and L2 but the color code they describe:

L1 - 22uH (red,red,blk,slvr)
L2 - 100uH (slvr,brn,blk,brn)

is not to be found in the parts they sent. I tried to google for
inductor color code but could not find anything. Are these the right
codes for the parts and I have to order 2 coils from somebody or do I
have the right coils and dont know it? Also they mention that to
change the frequency band all I have to do is change L3 and the
crystal. But they do not say what L3 should be for the different
bands. Thanks for any help. This has been sitting on my workbench to