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10285 2014-09-20 09:45:42 ka3j12 Free Tektronix Scope and Signal Generator, 100' RG-213 and More


For anyone in the Washington D.C. area who can pick up these items (sorry, no shipping):
Cleaning the shack in preparation for a move to Florida.  So unfortunately,  downsizing requires that I have to give up some stuff.  Everything works although the gear has some quirks and isn't calibrated but has helped me design and maintain all my radios during the past 15 years. I have the following to give away to anyone who preferably will take all and actually use it!  - Tektronix 535A scope with 1A2 dual trace plug in and spare CA plug in, 2 probes,rolling cart, manuals, misc.  This is a 15 MHz scope but you can view much higher frequency signals.    - Tektronix 190B signal generator with manual - 50 kHz to 50 MHz, 40 mV to 10 V pk-pk with output impedance of 0-25 ohms  - about 100 feet of RG-213, a significant portion of which was indoors - i.e., from outside, ran inside across my attic and down to the basement.   - a variety of components, hose clamps and assorted stuff that I don't need from my junkbox.  Contact me at rsstone at juno.com if interested.  73,  Ron (KA3J)