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10212 2014-08-06 03:13:09 i7swx HF Radio Systems & Circuits Book - WARNING

Hi All,

recently I bought, through Amazon, the HF Radio Systems & Circuits Book by Sabin & Schoenike. Very nice book but there is a problem with it...

The 17th chapter is talking about software for SSB and reporting that a disk is associated with the book (last cover page).

I contacted Amazon Customer Service saying that there was no disk associated with the book as described in the book itself. I had a fast response and availability to solve my problem. They offered me 3 solutions:

1) Return the book

2) Accept a 10% discount

3) Get a replacement.

As you may guest I requested the replacement and I warned them to be sure the replacement book had the CD.

In a few days I received the priority replacement, a day before expected. Well, this one too had no software disk. One of the support people wrote me that results tha several customers that purchase this book complained about the missing CD. Amazon CS will do a follow-up on the problem.

I guess that when somebody decided to reprint (2013) this very important book forgot there was a "diskette" going with it and no CD was produced for the reprint. If this is the case the CD waiting could be a long one...

By any chance, is anyone in possess of the original diskette and can post the software files in EMRFD files section? These software programs are in public domain.

Thanks and Best 73




10214 2014-08-06 07:49:25 John Lawson Re: HF Radio Systems & Circuits Book - WARNING
You might consider contacting the publisher for the CD or ask them for a website for downloading the software, etc. John

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10215 2014-08-06 08:08:34 John Levreault Re: HF Radio Systems & Circuits Book - WARNING
I have the 2nd edition. FWIW, the enclosed disk is a 3-1/2" floppy, dated 1998. I'd be happy to post it, assuming there are no copyright infringement issues, but I have no way of reading it....

de nb1i

10221 2014-08-07 06:36:29 i7swx Re: HF Radio Systems & Circuits Book - WARNING

Hi and thanks to both John for comments.


I have sent a message to the Publisher Scitech but I have not received any reply.


I guessed there was a diskette associated with the 98 edition and it got "lost" when the 2013 was published.


All the software contained in the diskette are public-domain programs so these can be distributed and republished. I have somewhere a diskette external option for my PC but I do not remember where I put it. It would be nice if one of the EMRFD members living near NB1I could do the copy from diskette to a CD or copy these into the EMRFD file directory.


Thanks and best 73




10222 2014-08-07 08:09:20 John Levreault Re: HF Radio Systems & Circuits Book - WARNING
I'm sure I've got an old 3-1/2" floppy drive around. I'll try to find it this weekend, if not sooner.


10224 2014-08-07 15:10:52 Nick Tsakonas Re: HF Radio Systems & Circuits Book - WARNING

I also bought the '98 edition of the book 2 weeks ago and it contains a floppy disk. I was planning to bring the disk over to Greece because I think I have a floppy drive, but unfortunately I forgot it.

as I want to access the software, I will give my best effort to read the disk somewhere and if I succeed and  there is no copyright issue I can make it available to the group.

Nick, sv1djg

10227 2014-08-08 04:14:02 Dave Daniel Re: HF Radio Systems & Circuits Book - WARNING
One can purchase a 3.5" floppy disk drive that plugs into a computer's USB port. They are not very expensive. I keep one around for just such occasions.


10228 2014-08-08 05:09:36 i7swx Re: HF Radio Systems & Circuits Book - WARNING
I have a diskette drive somewhere ... sending a diskette from USA to Italy is not as easy as to someone in W1.

I have sent a complain message to IET in UK that it looks like own Scitech. Let see what, if, they will reply.