KA7EXM DSP-10 Photographs

By popular demand, here are some photographs.  Gee, if this were a K-2, I'd have a serial number as well.

306.jpg (92767 bytes)

Kinda pretty, isn't it?  Okay, so it doesn't win any art awards in the "home brew" arena.  I suppose I could polish up the Hammond enclosure and slap a coat of wax on it.  Or better yet, build a black walnut case for it with some 1940's vintage switch on the front for power....The DSP-10 is in the big box.  Since I figured the Brick would travel with the DSP-10, it is actually screwed on to the lid in-place.  To the right of the rig is a 222 MHz board I'm working on.  Behind, you'll note a small PIC prototype board, and a classic Motorola speaker.

308.jpg (90706 bytes)

You'll note a couple of differences here.  First, the missing accessory jack.   At the time, I didn't think I needed it for anything.  I used a BNC connector for the drive signal to the brick.  Now I need to crack open the box and drill for another BNC for 10 MHz input.  The FL1 LED from the AD-2181 has been run to the green LED just under the power connector (on the right).  The reset button was brought out as well, something I'd recommend for everyone.  The DB-9 connector runs through an adaptor to RJ-45, a standard cable in the office (the PCs are on another bench about 6' away).  The Anderson connectors, a favorite of mine for over 20 years, is finally getting some attention by the rest of ham-dom.  I found some plates for chassis mounting recently.  It takes a lot of hand work during assembly, but it's well worth the trouble.  (The Anderson connector is also used on the amplifier above).

310.jpg (113412 bytes)

Here we are with the lids removed.  No significant changes from the original design.  A couple of loose wires run all around the 2181 box to feed the LED and reset buttons, as discussed earlier.

309.jpg (141070 bytes)

Here we have a closer shot of the 7W brick module.  The BNC's on the back are labeled on the lid (shown behind the LEDs in this shot).


Feel free to send constructive feedback.  Keep experimenting!

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