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9863 2014-03-24 09:15:30 johnjdignan Help with a VHF broadband amplifier and filters?
HI All,
I'm having a major 'bitx' rebuild and need some help with the final VHF stages. I'm looking for a schematic for a broadband amp that will cover 50MHz,70MHz and  through to 148Mhz, it will need to be suitable for FM & SSB
Ideally I'd like an output of around 25 watts(ish). More would be better, but I'd settle for a minimum of 10.  I've around 100mw to drive it (although I could add another stage for more if need be) and have upto 28V@10amps (or any other voltage below ) to power it. So if anyone has a circuit lying around please send me a link or email (  johnjdignan 'at' yahoo dot com  )

I'd also like some schematics for band pass & low pass filters for the 6M 4M &2M bands, I've have had a go at making some, from a design by a friend, but alas, the insertion loss is just whey too high.
Once again, if anyone can help I'd be mighty grateful!
73's de John M0JJD