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9795 2014-03-04 19:14:23 bob_ledoux Collecting and Storing SMD Parts
When I buy surface mount parts they typically come in clear plastic or static proof bags about 4 by 5 inches.  These may be great for shipping but they are a handful for sorting and storing at home.  So I'd like to offer some options:

Adafruit offers a 5 by 8 inch biinder with 3725 resistors and capacitors in 0805 or 0603 size.  They also offer a binder with blank pages for storing your own SMT tapes:

BGmicro offers a Vishay diode set.  Buy it for the container, not the diodes.  The container contains 128 vials, each about 3/8 inch square by 3/4 inch tall.  Each is capable of holding at least 25, 0805 caps or resistors if they are removed from their tape:  Not bad for less than $5.

I store integrated circuits in a 3-ring binder using Staples #15934 plastic pages intended to store business cards.  Each sheet holds ten 2 inch by 3 inch plastic or static proof zip lock bags I buy on ebay.  The plastic bags cost about $2 per hundred and the static bags are about 2 dollars more.

Using two binders I can store about 98% of an extensive hobby assortment of SMT parts in about two inches of shelf space.
9796 2014-03-05 10:55:59 kc0wox Re: Collecting and Storing SMD Parts
9797 2014-03-05 11:19:10 Dave Miller Re: Collecting and Storing SMD Parts
Those look cool.  But are they ESD safe?
I use the little aluminum cases from Lee Valley.  Item number 27K50.01 is a set of 56. The are called watchmaker's cases.  They are Aluminum so I believe they are more ESD safe. 
I made a set of drawers to hold a large number of them. 


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9798 2014-03-05 11:37:02 David Nushardt Re: Collecting and Storing SMD Parts
Yeah:I have both and a third one gray in color that has smaller but more compartments than the one shown there all on ebay from china, yes there nice! No point in going thru Adafruit a middle man unless your in a hurry!

I'm just getting my first SMD solder station a Aoyue 968+ any recommendations? I was first looking at the xytronics stations but they all seem to be built by one company,and very cheaply made , my thought was to go with a brand name but I saw the review for the one i got the on you tube and it looked much better in quality than xytronics   i'm disabled with a stroke my left side is out , so i can only use my right hand fortunately i am right handed! I was concerned about the smoke absorber atached to the solder iron, who's brilliant idea, not ,i see a replacement iron on ebay for another 20 bucks with out the smoke absorber, don't need any hoses or attachments impeding my soldering.


9799 2014-03-05 12:18:46 David Nushardt Re: Collecting and Storing SMD Parts
yeah you know i'm not sure think you mean the gray storage boxes the tops are black in color and look like a esd coating ,but i'm not really sure most components are ok with out esd protecti
9800 2014-03-05 12:23:06 DuWayne KV4QB Re: Collecting and Storing SMD Parts
When I bought some smt assortments I just took an old 3 ring binder and used heavy card stock for the pages.
Sorted components and used a little double sticky tape to put the strips on the pages. Wrote the values next to them.  Works just as good with the little plastic 2" bags some of the other parts came in.  Makes a very small storage system with almost no cost.
DuWayne KV4QB

9801 2014-03-05 13:15:46 David Nushardt Re: Collecting and Storing SMD Parts
Nice ,I'm all for saving money,time I have money i don't. things are very hard and time consuming for me with one good hand. EMRFD and the ugly method gave me a new lease