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9729 2014-02-13 11:38:45 daven9ooq Proper dress of male SMA on RG316 coax
Hi All : can anyone point me to the proper dress for a male SMA on RG316 coax? Seems to me used to be in the ARRL handbook , but I only have the 05 book.
A inexpensive crimper would be helpful too.
9730 2014-02-13 12:32:22 kerrypwr Re: Proper dress of male SMA on RG316 coax
Here is a shot from a data sheet;
If you were in Australia I would recommend the criper from Mini Kits; the one I have works well.
I also have another of the same generic design and it works well also.
They are similar to the one shown here;
and seem to be known generically as a "336 crimper"; see Google.
Whilst my two crimpers are essentally the same, the jaws are slighly different and do not interchange.
I have a co-ax jaw set for each plus an electrical-crimp jaw set for one.
Here are the jaw sets available for the one marked HT-336;
Kerry VK2TIL.
9734 2014-02-13 22:45:10 David Nushardt Re: Proper dress of male SMA on RG316 coax
Thanks much,Kerry, Wow not bad on the crimper!
Dave N9ooq