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9615 2013-12-29 18:28:27 Clutter Re: How to store parts? Addendum
I love how some hams like to say "Google is your friend"
all the time. Well, turns out that 'Amazon is your friend', too,
if you are a ham pack rat. I have a friend who has the
'Amazon virus' pretty bad. There is a constant stream of
packages across her doorstep.

Again, following the principle of acquiring in larger
quantities, it turns out that certain size Amazon boxes
just stack *so* very well on steel shelves. Many a time
I have been heard to say "Ahah! The coveted 1A3
size box!" as I whisk it away to add to my growing stacks
of Amazon boxes. BTW 1A1's and 1B3's are also
fabulous. Ditto for N3's and a number of others. Not all
sizes are equally useful, but you will quickly learn which
ones are, if you have this resource available to you.

BTW I've come to believe that the 'Amazon virus' just
has to be allowed to run its course. There is apparently
no known cure, other than sudden poverty. Count
yourself lucky if you know someone afflicted with the
'Amazon virus' and start collecting.

73, David K3KY