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9257 2013-10-15 21:27:03 Andy Re: posting text
Wes, looks OK, but with lots of blank space between lines/paragraphs, when viewed as an email.  Don't know if you meant it to be like that.  I am seeing that a LOT on messages sent from a Yahoo group's website (as opposed to sent from email).

Another shortcoming I've noticed, is that if someone posts a reply that contains any quoted text from a previous message, Yahoo truncates it there and displays the three dots ("...") instead.  If you click on those, you will see the rest of the message; until then, you might see only part of the message, or nothing!  This happens to people when reading messages from the group's website.


9258 2013-10-15 21:31:45 Andy Re: posting text
Wes, looks OK, (etc)

This is an example of what I just wrote about.

If you read this message on the group's website, and if it's like other Yahoo groups, everything I am writing here will be hidden until you click on the "..." dots.

Yahoo's programmers must really not like bottom-posting.  Or they are just plain dumb.


9265 2013-10-18 08:09:55 Alberto I2PHD Re: posting text