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9196 2013-09-29 16:28:04 mosaicmerc Precision Ref Freq.
Hi All:

This is a bit OT but I need some advice on developing a possible Time Mark Generator for my own use.

I have 3x 2465 Tek Scopes with 500Mhz TEK passive probes. One of which needs calibrating, 1-2-5 periods.  The lowest period mark is 20nS. A 50 MHZ freq, probably with rise times under 2 nS.

Thus the trick is a stable 50Mhz, fast rise time as the peak requirement. I am not an experienced RF guy.

However I got an entry level  RIGOL DSA 815 recently as I planned to get involved in designing low noise emission microcontroller circuits.

I've been looking at this as a base design...