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914 2007-07-30 09:11:54 Artur Angielski ground loops on thick copper clad

I have a copper clad which has a copper very thick: at least
300um (standard clads have 32 or 16 um). It may be even 500um
(0,5mm) I just do not remember well. Sorry for the metric values :)

Anyway - it is more than 10 times thinner than usual.
I am thinking about ugly metod of building (using stand offs)
for a direct convertion receiver - should I expect the problems
with ground loops?
I would like to build this way the Roy Lewallen Optimised QRP trx...

If I am not wrong - ground loops cause hum, right?

Vy 73! Artur sp2qca
915 2007-07-30 12:54:48 Leon Re: ground loops on thick copper clad
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