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8812 2013-07-13 23:44:37 Mark Schoonover Another Approach to DIY PCBs - PCB Press
Still digging the toner-transfer method over any other process, came up
with the PCB Press to work through EMRFD.


Comments most welcome.

73 - Mark Schoonover - KA6WKE

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8813 2013-07-14 07:44:02 Mike Czuhajewski Re: Another Approach to DIY PCBs - PCB Press
Excellent idea! Should be a definite improvement over the iron method
since the pressure is more repeatable and uniform (and no strain on
the arms!).

For those who don't have an old waffle iron sitting around, there's
also the laminator method for doing the laser toner transfer method. I
started doing this recently after some discussion on another forum,
and I'm never going back to the iron!

What I use is the GBC Badgemates laminator, a small unit intended for
making ID badges and such. Although 1/16" PCB material is thicker than
the usual ID badge it still goes through easily. You do have to run it
through a number of times, while the board gets hotter and hotter, but
you can figure out quickly the optimum number of passes. (Ten times
works well for me.)

A limitation of this particular laminator is that the opening is 4
1/2" wide, limiting you to relatively small boards, but it will work
for 99% of what I'll ever do at home. (If you need to do larger
boards, you can always buy a full size laminator.)

And the price is quite reasonable. While the MSRP is insane, actual
street price is about $29. A while back amazon.com had them on sale
for a bit over $10 and I bought one. That sale ended quickly, but then
mybinding.com started offering them for $4.95. (Maybe the particular
model is being phased out and they want to get rid of the stock.) At
that price I had to buy a spare in case the first one blows up,
although I doubt it ever will.

It's been quite a few weeks now, but I just checked and mybinding.com
still has them for $4.95 plus shipping. (When I bought mine they
limited it to one per person and they may still do that.) Search on
"badgemates laminator kit".

(Usual disclaimers, no relation to the company, just a satisfied user,
8814 2013-07-14 19:22:46 mosaicmerc Re: Another Approach to DIY PCBs - PCB Press
I've used the iron on / mag. paper to make double sided boards for 0805 SMT & SOIC boards down to 12 mil details with little problem. I place a via pad on the board corners as registrati
8815 2013-07-14 20:23:22 Hector Pascal Re: Another Approach to DIY PCBs - PCB Press
This press sounds great! But the biggest problem I've ever found with this
toner transfer method is the Brother line of printers. Apparently their
toner melts at a much higher temperature than other brands, needing much
higher temperatures to allow transfer. Previously, I had very little
success using the cheap Brother HL-2xxx series, but as soon as I switched
to a HP P2015 that I repaired (but that's another story!), I had 100%

David, VK6JT

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