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865 2007-06-20 15:49:44 Mike Brainard Clipped Sine Wave Info
I wanted to look at how the power out of a clipper varied with the
applied signal level. This is not rocket science, but my search for a
canned solution came up dry. I ended up building a spreadsheet using
numeric integration to calculate the Fourier Series coefficients. I
have posted to the files area some results (for n=1, n=3, and n=5)
normalized to a clipping level of 1 volt. See "Clipped Sine Wave.XLS"
if you have interest.
866 2007-06-20 17:13:41 Luiz Amaral Re: Clipped Sine Wave Info
One detail: it is not necessary to integrate for calculating Fourier
coeffficients. There is a method based on jumps of the function where you
have only to sum finite things. Any good calculus book will show you.

Luiz - PY1LL / PY4LC

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