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8587 2013-04-23 15:37:49 Don Wines Parts - Free to a Good Home
I have the following parts which are excess to my needs. I will mail them free of charge to whoever _needs_ them.
I emphasize the word need. If you just want them to add to your collection please let me know and we'll negotiate a price.
But if you have a project going or one planned that could use these items then they are yours.
The second group gets priority.

I would like to keep each of the same part group together if possible.

All through hole parts.

Please reply off-list with your requests.

1. CA3046 - 5 each - 5 Transistor Array, NPN, 2 differential pair, 3 general purpose
14-pin DiP (This is a neat chip no longer on the market)

2. CD4026BE - 4 each - CMOS 5 stage Johnson Decade Counter/Seven Segment Decoder
16-pin DIP

3. CD4511BE - 4 each - CMOS BCD to Seven Segment Decoder/Driver
16-pin DIP

4. TL081 - 2 each - JFET Operational Amplifier
8-pin DIP

5. DS1307 - 2 each - Real Time Clock, I2C Serial Interface
8-pin DIP

6. 24LC16B - 2 each - 16K EEPROM I2C Serial Interface
8-pin DIP

7. IRL 520 - 4 each - Power MOSFET 60W
TO-220AB Case

8. SN74LS165AN - 2 each - Parallel-load 8-bit Shift Register
16-pin DIP

9. SN74LS175AN - 2 each - Hex/Quad D-FlipFlop with Clear
16-pin DIP

10. CD4026BD - 4 each - CMOS Decade Counter/Divider
16-pin DIP

11. ULN2003AN - 4 each - High Voltage/High Current Darlington Transistor Array
16-pin DIP


Don Wines,