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8581 2013-04-23 05:57:02 ken evans FDIM Rooms
FDIM is quickly approaching and Dayton Hamfest is an added plus. If you
never been to FDIM before, you are missing a great time! All of the
information is at http://www.qrparci.org/fdim Every year about half the
attendees are first timers, so don't be shy in coming. If you're an FDIM
veteran, consider bringing someone to share rooms and expenses.

This year, the hotel gave us a block of 190 rooms between Holiday Inn -
Fairborn and Homewood Suites. But as many of you know, they have all been
booked. However, now is a good time to recheck as there are cancellations
coming in daily. I just checked and as I write this there is no one on the
wait list. Based on past history, more cancellations are expected, so you
may want to try getting on the wait list. If you want to be added to the
list for either hotel please call the Holiday Inn directly on 937-431-4613.
Do not use the toll free number as it will not have access to the QRP block.
Calls can be taken during office hours Monday-Friday. If you go to voice
mail, leave a message and they will call back. Tell them you are with
'FDIM' to get the special rate and complimentary breakfast.

If you have a room, but are going to cancel, please do so now. This will
give others a chance to come as well as secure some of the cheaper 14 day
advanced purchase air fares. Or, if you have a room, consider sharing it
with another. It will reduce expenses and give someone else the opportunity
to attend FDIM.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at FDIM 2013!

Ken Evans, W4DU
President - QRP ARCI