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835 2007-06-06 20:40:34 wbdmxbaileybobbut... just a update
I got some parts in today that is for some other projects I started, so
I am back to building projects again.
today I built 3 RLB's, and the 40 meter low pass filter .
on the filter I wound the toroid's and tested them on my AADE LC meter
and they all tested right on the money, that made me very happy.
then I connected my sig gen at 0 db output at 7.040 to the filter and
my digital milliwatt meter, then I tuned the sig to 8.000 and the power
meter read out went to -30db, that I thought was very impressing too.
as I raised the freq more, the sig got lower, that was good enough for
still in process of working on the spectrum analyzer, waiting for some
parts on that project.

I also ordered a SW+-40 meter cw transceiver, hope that arrives soon.

I think I may have something bad on the pc board that I made for the
MRX reciver as all the parts check out good and still nothing, I will
make a new pc board for that soon, but am goinhg to make the sa612
circuit on a prototype bread board to test it out first.

anyway I am very happy with the book and am having fun building the
projects and expermenting with things I have never played with before