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83 2006-08-13 03:55:45 Gary spectrum analyser software
Hi all, firstly Wes,Rick and Bob are to be congratulated for putting
together EMRFD. I am looking fo a link to the spectrum analyser
software which was located
at "http://www.monumental.com/rshorne/gramdl".
This is referred to on page 6.81 Fig 6.142
Thank you Gary VK2KYP
84 2006-08-13 19:46:40 Wes Hayward Re: spectrum analyser software
Hi Gary, and gang,

Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad to see that folks are digging
into the inner layers of the text, even when you find the errors.
I'll get something in the errata on this issue.

I tried the URL that you listed and it sure seems to have nothing to
do with RF. Don't know where that one came from.....

I seemed to recall reading somewhere that the Elecraft guys and
customers had used one of the shareware FFT based audio spectrum
analyzers for some filter work. So I went to Elecraft via Google
where I found an archive listing for their reflector. There was a
search function, so I entered "audio spectrum analyzer" or something
of that sort. One of the first listings was from a neighbor and
super contester N6TR, Tree. He suggested a site that I used and
came up with what looks like a very good product. It's found at
www.audiotester.de and is registered for Euro 35. There is a
listing of the update history and there is considerable recent
history. This is an active program that seems to be growing
86 2006-08-13 20:58:22 Rick Commo Re: spectrum analyser software

The original program recommended to (and used) by Elecraft builders was Spectrogram.  It was free at the time, but has gone commercial or shareware.  However Tom Hammond, N0SS, is distributing one of the last free versions, v5.17. from his Web site at http://www.n0ss.net/.  The reference right to page itself is: http://www.n0ss.net/index.html#Spectrogram.


I don’t know if this program would make sense in the situation of the original, poster; but here at least is the information.



-rick, K7LOG



88 2006-08-15 16:38:20 Gary Re: spectrum analyser software
Hi all,

I have downloaded the last fee release of Spectrogram, and I am
currently getting familiar with it. tankyou for the URL's

I want to test some modules which came from some carrier equipment
made by Lenkurt/Nortel. Each module consists of a RX and TX chain. I
wish to test the bandpass characteristics of the xtal filter's( 8,192
KHz)to seen if they iare suitable for use in a homebrew SSB TX/RX.

Has anyone tried to use these filters or similiar, there must be
thousand's of them out there

73's Gary VK2KYP

89 2006-08-15 17:05:59 Wes Hayward Re: spectrum analyser software
Hi Rick, and gang,

Many thanks for the heads up on the N0SS web site with the available
download of Spectrogram. This is the program that I used for the
measurements shown in EMRFD. I will get that url into the EMRFD
errata in the next day or so.

I downloaded the Spectrogram program and tried it out with a
computer running the XP operating system. No problems. I used my
two tone generator from CH7 EMRFD for the source.

I then downloaded the German program from www.audiotester.de. I
installed it and then ran it. This seems to be a very nice program
with very clean color graphics. The oscilloscope program also
looked nice. Again, I used the two tone generator. The demo
version of Audiotester has a timer in it, so it will quit on you
just when you are getting started with a measurement. But I guess
this is to be expected with an evaluation copy of the program.
While I tried Audiotester with the XP OS, I have not tried it on my
old Toshiba laptop, which runs on Win95. Spectrogram runs fine