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8234 2013-02-06 12:45:14 Craig Smith Re: For Sale: Powdered Iron Core Assortment
The toroids have been sold.

73 Craig AC0DS

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8236 2013-02-07 06:13:18 Craig Smith For Sale: Powdered Iron Core Assortment
Continuing to close down my lab, I have a large collection of powdered iron cores for sale. I purchased all of these new from Kits and Parts and they are all in mint unused condition. Cores are sorted and clearly labeled. These cores should cover over 90% of your HF needs for constructing oscillators, resonant circuits, filters, inductors, transformers, etc. This package is being offered at a substantial discount to the already low Kits and Parts pricing. Numbers following the material description are relative permeability, Tempco in ppm and useful frequency range for resonant usage.

Type 1 Blue/clear 20 280 150KHz to 3 MHz

Qty 25 T50-1

Type 2 Red/clear 10 95 250KHz to 10 MHz

Qty 24 T37-2

Qty 25 T50-2

Qty 25 T68-2

Type 3 Gray/clear 35 370 20 KHz to 1 MHz

Qty 25 T50-3

Type 6 Yellow/clear 8.5 35 3 MHz to 40 MHz

Qty 25 T37-6

Qty 25 T50-6

Qty 25 T68-6

Type 7 White/clear 9.0 30 1 MHz to 25 MHz

Qty 25 T50-7

Qty 24 T68-7

Type 10 Black/clear 6.0 150 15 MHz to 100 MHz

Qty 25 T50-10

Special price for all 273 cores is $61 including USPS Priority Mail shipping to your USA address. PayPal only, please. Contact me directly via email: craig@powersmith.net

73 Craig AC0DS

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