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8228 2013-02-05 07:01:22 Craig Smith For Sale: Ferrite core collection
Continuing to close down my lab, I have a large collection of ferrite cores for sale. I purchased all of these new from Mouser, Amidon, Palomar or Kits and Parts and they are all in like-new condition. Cores are sorted and clearly labeled. Before offering them in smaller groups, I would like to try selling them all at a substantially reduced price.
Small beads and beads-on-leads: These are intended for EMI suppression on component leads and for use when building circuits.

Qty 100 FairRite PN 2643021801 mix 43 0.42 � long

Qty 100 FairRite PN 2743002112 mix 43 Bead-on-lead

Qty 9 FairRite PN 2944666671 mix 44 Multiturn bead-on-lead

Qty 48 small (0.051� ID, 0.138� OD, 0.128� L) beads 12 mix 43 12 mix 61, 12 mix 73, 12 mix 75

Binocular cores: These are small binocular cores of various sizes and mixes that are ideal for construction small broadband transformers and baluns.

Qty 4 BN-43-202

Qty 10 BN-43-302

Qty 2 BN-43-3312

Qty 4 BN-61-202

Qty 2 BN-61-1702

Qty 2 BN-61-2402

Qty 20 BN-73-202

Cores from 0.23 to 1.5 inches OD in various useful mixes. The �A� designates a core with a longer length that will give more inductance per turn than the standard size.

Qty 2 FT-23-43

Qty 2 FT-23-61

Qty 2 FT-23-67

Qty 27 FT-37-43

Qty 100 FT-37A-43

Qty 2 FT-37-61

Qty 2 FT-37-67

Qty 2 FT-37A-73

Qty 12 FT-37-77

Qty 4 FT-50A-43

Qty 2 FT-50A-61

Qty 2 FT-50A-67

Qty 4 FT-50A-77

Qty 2 FT-50A-J

Qty 5 FT-82-43

Qty 2 FT-82-61

Qty 2 FT-82-67

Qty 6 FT-82-77

Qty 2 FT-87-J

Qty 2 FT-87A-J

Qty 3 FT-87A-F

Qty 5 FT-114-43

Qty 6 FT-114-61

Qty 3 FT-114-77

Qty 3 FT-140-43

Qty 2 FT-140-61

Qty 3 FT-140-77

Qty 3 FT-150A-J

Qty 2 FT-150A-K

Large Beads. This is FairRite�s designation for cores intended for slipping over coax or for construction of common-mode chokes, power handling transformers, etc. Size A has ID of 0.25�, OD of 0.45� and is 1.125� long. It will slip over RG-58 size coax. Size B has ID of 0.5�, OD of 1.02� and is 1.13� long. It will slip over RG-8 size coax. These are some of the most useful cores for constructing chokes and for EMI suppression in general.

Qty 11 mix 31 size A FairRite PN 2631540002

Qty 2 mix 31 size B FairRite PN 2631102002

Qty 20 mix 43 size A FairRite PN 2643540002

Qty 10 mix 43 size B FairRite PN 2643102002

Qty 2 mix 77 size A

Special price for all of above is $149 including USPS Priority Mail shipping to your USA address. PayPal only, please. Contact me directly via email: craig@powersmith.net

73 Craig AC0DS

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