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8210 2013-02-02 08:20:47 Bob More DTC data - ref. post 8183
REF: post 8183

While experimenting with this filter circuit I did experience some repeatability issues and finally observed a considerable sensitivity to the physical positioning of the toroidal inductors. These inductors were wound to be 0.4 uH nominal. This prompted a more careful look and I've added some new data to the K3NHI-DTC files folder. There is an obvious moral here!

As always, I encourage the "To Measure Is To Know" approach – no matter how much simulating you otherwise do!

Bob, K3NHI
8212 2013-02-02 18:08:57 Nick Tsakonas Re: More DTC data - ref. post 8183

the results you posted are very interesting and enlightening.
I was about to build a new filter and I will re-build the new one according to your findings.
At the same time I finished assembling my AD8307 RF power meter KIT which I am also planning to use for measurements (after calibration).

I think I will do it right this time.Failure is also a way of learning.