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8131 2013-01-20 08:12:28 David Feldman Need help identifying this semi-rigid UT141-type coax
I have several lengths of UT141 type coax that appears not be typical 50-ohm material I'd like help in identifying (particular Zo).

It (on a label attached to the pieces, not printed on the jacket itself) is labeled "storm 421-694". Storm was acquired by Teledyne and while they have some 421- series part numbers listed, this part number is not included.

The coax is unplated smooth copper jacket (like UT-141 but unplated), silver plated copper center conductor diameter is 0.44-0.46 mm (measured on two micrometers), and dielectric appears to be wraps of thin teflon sheet (kind of like the teflon tape you buy at the hardware store to gasket threaded plumbing connections.) I could not locate a UT-141 type coax that has this center conductor diameter (might be related to the dielectric material as well.)

Does this ring a bell with anyone?


8147 2013-01-21 21:44:04 Jack N0KSF Re: Need help identifying this semi-rigid UT141-type coax
Hi Dave, I performed some experiments a while back to identify some coax I had. I publish this in ARCI a while back and added the article here.
Hope this helps
73, N0KSF
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