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7989 2012-12-26 17:52:55 Nick F Measurements on double balanced mixers
Hi All,

For those interested to see some numbers and graphs based on measurements of ADE-1 and home-made 1N4148, 1N5711 and HSMS-2829 double balanced mixers, please visit http://users.tpg.com.au/nfieraru/Electronics/RF_Mixers/Double%20Balanced%20Mixers.htm

The article is a work in progress, once I have some ideas or I find parts which require better explanation, I update the text.

Any comments or suggestions are also welcome.

7993 2012-12-26 23:23:20 victor Re: Measurements on double balanced mixers
Do you intend to make intermodulation measurements? They are always interesting giving insights how diodes influence the intercept point (mainly third order) and whether the 3dB distorti
7994 2012-12-27 00:57:17 Eduardo Alonso Re: Measurements on double balanced mixers
Hello Nicolae

Many thanks for share your results.
They are very interesting for me, but unfortunatelly I can not induce the
1dB compression point.

I am planning a simple DSB transmiter and I am trying to know the maximum
power available in the mixer output.

Take a look to the figure 16, of the excelent Rubiola's mixer tutorial:

You can see clearly the LO power effect in the conversion gain, and
how linear the output follows the input before saturation point.

73 de Eduardo, EA3GHS

7996 2012-12-27 08:07:57 Nick F Re: Measurements on double balanced mixers
Hi Victor,

Yes, I will do after new year third order intercept measurements and update the page.


7997 2012-12-27 08:07:59 Nick F Re: Measurements on double balanced mixers
Hi Eduardo,

In January I will do measurements of Third Order Intercept and 1dB compressi
7998 2012-12-27 08:08:47 Leon Heller Re: Measurements on double balanced mixers
8002 2012-12-28 08:29:47 Nick F Re: Measurements on double balanced mixers
Thank you Leon. I also found yesterday the same document. I will try a few methods and see how different the results will be. One is to use two signal generators and measure the mixer output on a spectrum analyzer. Next one is to use a Vector Network Analyzer and do a power sweep. I am not sure if there is enough power available, to generate the 1dB compression point. Third one is to move the 10 dB attenuator between input and output (which is probably the slowest). My intenti