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7817 2012-09-28 08:41:44 Bill Kelsey - N8E... Re: QRP-L Digest, Vol 101, Issue 36
Hi -

Every year I do a special offer on the new ARRL Handbook when it is
published in October. I take 10% of the list price and I cover the
shipping to the US (DX shipments will be at actual cost). This year the
ARRL is also publishing a new version of the Operating Manual and a
Public Service Handbook. I will extend the same offer for these two
books and Experimental Methods in RF Design.

So -- get your order to me by midnight Friday October 5 and I will ship
the books to you when I get them from the ARRL. Pricing until then will be:

ARRL Handbook 2013 (softcover) $44.95

ARRL Handbook 2013 (hardcover) $44.95 (yup -- same price as the softcover!)

Operating Manual 10th Edition $26.95

Public Service Handbook $31.45

EMRFD $44.95

Order via PayPal or E-mail. If you prefer to send a check or credit
card in the mail, send me an e-mail to let me know an order is coming
and I will get you on the "list"!

I can take PayPal (n8et@woh.rr.com n8et@woh.rr.com>), Credit
card via phone, mail, or e-mail; check, or cash.

If there is any other ARRL book (or RSGB Book I have in stock) you want
at the regular price, order it now and I will include it with the free

Kanga US
3521 Spring Lake Dr.
Findlay, OH 45840-9073

73 - Bill - N8ET

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7819 2012-09-29 04:19:11 jim smith Re: QRP-L Digest, Vol 101, Issue 36
Hi Bill,

Do you have an indication of postage costs to UK? (Presumably the softcover version comes over cheaper than the hardback?).

Sounds like a generous offer.


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