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769 2007-05-14 20:53:27 Kevin Purcell JH5ESM and diode switches
There are quite a few other interesting items on Cosy MUTO's site.

Perhaps most interesting is looking at distortion in a 1S1553 silicon
PN switching diode (similar to the 1n4148 but a bit less "beefy" --
lower current, lower PIV).


The diode switch is biased on from a 12 volt supply with either a
1.5k resistor (7.6mA) or a 3.3k (3.5mA).


> Insertion loss is 1.5 to 2.0[dB] and not so different by bias
> resistor. However, [saturation] and 2nd harmonic characteristics
> are very different.
> Maximum allowable input levels determined by P1dB are 6[dBm] for
> 1.5 [kΩ] bias resistor and -1[dBm] for 3.3[kΩ], respectively.
> Second order harmonics are supressed by 20[dB] at P1dB.
> Bias resistor should be determined by carefully considering signal
> level, otherwise some trouble would occur.
> Off isolation was -46.5[dB] at 0[dBm] input (RB=1.5 [kΩ]).
Kevin Purcell