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7640 2012-07-27 15:18:15 dnorbury Audio noise limiter
I'm looking for a good audio noise limiter circuit (lightning static, etc.) to add to various receivers I've built. I know I've seen some in the past but when I checked EMRFD I was a little surprised not to find any listing in the index. Any suggestions?

Thnaks, Dave, KD6A
7641 2012-07-27 16:45:35 Chris Trask Re: Audio noise limiter

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7644 2012-07-28 13:20:09 Markus Hansen Re: Audio noise limiter
I built an effect audio noise limiter in my home brew transceiver. You can find the circuit in the audio module circuit posted on my web site at:




Markus Hansen VE7CA
North Vancouver, BC CANADA
WEB: ve7ca.net

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7645 2012-07-29 08:51:51 davidschuh Re: Audio noise limiter
I noticed in your radio article the WWII tuning capacitor that you used. I have 3 of those that I'd like renue. What solvent did you use to soak them in? Any ideas
7646 2012-07-29 09:13:13 wa0itp@mchsi.com Re: Audio noise limiter
Hi Dave,

Try one of these. http://www.wa0itp.com/audiolimiter.pdf

72 Terry WAƘITP

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7647 2012-07-29 10:00:50 dnorbury Re: Audio noise limiter

Thanks. This looks a good candidate for an outboard add-