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761 2007-05-11 21:36:15 Roger Hayward Regarding Memberships and Spam postings

We were recently greeted with a posting of questionable nature /
content (let's just leave it at that, hi). The message has been
deleted, and the member posting has been removed from the group. My
apologies to anyone who was offended by this. Unfortunately the net
is filled with this kind of crud.

When this group was started, I chose to allow any members who choose
to join the EMRFD group to simply sign up. This has been quite
successful actually. We have had over 700 "clean" postings to this
group since it was created.

Although I don't really want to become a policeman, I do want to make
sure that this forum sticks with the initial theme. In addition, I
want to make sure that this group continues to be "safe for the whole

So for now, new members will require approval by the moderator before
they can post messages. Once your membership has been approved, you
may post at-will. This does not affect anyone who is already on the
group list. In addition, postings from any member will continue to be
immediately posted (without moderation). This encourages open
communication between group members. With today's exception, this has
been working very well.

If I find content that is not within the general nature of amateur
radio, experimentation, etc., I will most-likely remove the message
and remove the member from the list.

Some members have asked about the group emails from Yahoo, or why they
are still receiving messages after they have left the group. This is
a "feature" of how Yahoo manages their groups. Yahoo's newsgroup
services are free. Considering the immense amount of data they manage
for everyone, it is a wonder things work as well as they do.

Again, my apologies for the inevitable creeping its way onto this news
group. Hopefully the new measures regarding adding new members will
help curb this kind of activity.

As always, I check email regularly. So if a friend is asking to join,
I'll try my best to get them added within a day or so.

Keep experimenting, & sharing your ideas and questions with each other.


Roger KA7EXM
EMRFD moderator